Vintage Wodehouse by Marc Rosenthal

Speaking of Wodehouse, Random House USA, out of the blue, reissued three of his novels in trade paperback in April 2005 under the Vintage imprint. Featuring illustrations by Marc Rosenthal, these are my second favourite designs for Wodehouse covers, coming in just behind the David Hitch illustrations done for Penguin UK.

I don’t know if the transfer of the paperback rights to Wodehouse from Penguin to Random House that’s just been announced in the UK will affect us here in North America, but if it does, I certainly hope that the good folks at Random House will continue to issue more of the Wodehouse backlist in these handsome Marc Rosenthal Vintage editions. In the UK, it’s already been decided that they’ll come out on Random House’s Arrow imprint and, as I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t seen any of their cover designs that can hold a candle to the David Hitch or Marc Rosenthal designs.

Click on a cover for the full size image.


~ by Thomas on 2007-May-21.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words!

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