Boy’s Own Books

Published on 7 June 2007 in the UK (30 August 2007 in Canada) are Boy’s Own Books, a series of six classic adventure books for boys (of all ages) repackaged as Penguin Reds and designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith.

[Click on a cover for the full size image.]


Perhaps taking a cue from Speak For England, these clever designs are inspired by the fabled Boy’s Own Paper and by early- to mid-twentieth century English schoolboy culture in general. Notwithstanding our own Canadian version published by Penguin five years ago, we don’t know anything about Boy’s Own in this country. Penguin Canada has therefore decided to market these books as Dangerous Books For Boys (see the print edition of their Fall 2007 UK import catalogue), an idea that was already taken the last time I checked. Then again, so was the idea for this post as four of the six covers have already appeared at Joseph Sullivan‘s blog.

See also Boy’s Own Books [Series 2]


~ by Thomas on 2007-Jun-22.

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