Summer 2007 Relaunch of Vintage Classics (suite)

Following up on my initial post about the Vintage Classics line being relaunched by Random House UK with all-new cover designs, I am pleased to report that most of them will indeed be available in Canada, starting in September. <sigh of relief> We’ve had the portait of the Queen on our money since like forever, so it was about time that the Commonwealth started pulling its weight. For my American readers, Random House USA has sadly indicated that the new Vintage Classics are ‘not available for sale in the United States’. Boo-hoo. You’ll have to order them from a friendly Canadian bookseller I suppose.

To celebrate our good news north of 49, here are 26 additional cover designs that I’ve managed to dig up ahead of publication. Exposing my bias towards covers featuring illustrations rather than photographs, my six favourite designs from this newly discovered lot are featured immediately below:


For good measure, I’ve thrown in 20 more covers, bringing the total count of designs unearthed prior to publication to 42 (including the original post). Enjoy!



~ by Thomas on 2007-Jul-20.

4 Responses to “Summer 2007 Relaunch of Vintage Classics (suite)”

  1. […] Summer 2007 Relaunch of Vintage Classics (suite) « Première de couverture – Uhoh. Some almost entirely handsome, desirable jackets for the forthcoming Vintage classics. Watch out Penguin Essentials […]

  2. These have been available from today in the UK; saw some of them in Waterstone’s this morning. I must admit that although many of them are beautifully designed, I do have a couple of quibbles.

    1. That terrible VINTAGE ROTH, VINTAGE WELSH, VINTAGE MURAKAMI pun. Not putting the author’s full name on the cover is unforgivable. For example, with VINTAGE WARNER, I don’t even know who that is! Plus they break their own (silly) self-imposed rule by then having VINTAGE DANTE when strictly it should be VINTAGE ALIGHIERI…

    2. It means they are stopping the existing Vintage Classics range, with their beautiful covers of plain cream and limited area of design. Just awful! Why can’t they run the two lots in parallel, as Penguin do with Modern Classics and Red Classics?

  3. […] the covers are pretty. And, according to the bloggers, we in Canada will have access to them, while our American cousins won’t. We’ll also get […]

  4. […] finally, Premiére de Couverture features the relaunched Vintage Classics from Random House UK (I think Houellebecq’s Atomised is especially strong). Compare to the all-illustrated covers […]

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