Watashi Tachi

I’ve just come across some intriguing promotional material from Éditions è®e [sic] for a forthcoming first novel they will be publishing this fall. The book in question is Watashi Tachi : Nous au Japon by Emily King, an author who, despite what her name might lead us to believe, is apparently a Frenchwoman born in 1979. I have no idea what the title means, but the subtitle translates literally as Us in Japan, which could mean Our Time in Japan, or even We’re Going To Japan. At any rate, the story seems to be about some cynical twenty-somethings who go off to Japan, but not to find themselves. Just because.

The promotional material shown below consists of a summary of the novel presented as a map, as well as a cynical phrase book for jaded youngsters. Just the sort of thing that I go in for. Cartography and cynicism that is.


Some of the phrases provided to help you get by in Japan include

  • We’re cynical and not proud of it
  • We haven’t come to Japan for a good time
  • We’re not on vacation in Japan, unless of course you consider the fact that our lives are vacant most of the time
  • What exactly are you trying to say with that t-shirt?

Based on the title and the phrases, I wonder if the whole thing is written in the first person plural… Perhaps I shall never know. Éditions è®e is a fairly young publishing house that’s only been around for a couple of years, and they don’t yet have Canadian distribution. I might just have to pick one up on French import.


~ by Thomas on 2007-Aug-11.

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