Le bon usage

The work of the late Belgian professor of letters Maurice Grevisse, Le bon usage was first published in 1936, and is still to this day widely considered to be the standard bible of French grammar, used all over the world wherever French is spoken or studied. Coming in at 1,600 pages, the all-new 14th edition arrived in Canada this week, with a slick new cover design. With the new edition comes a promotional website featuring a nifty flash animation showing the evolution of the cover designs over the decades, as well as another flash application that offers a 76-page online preview. Altogether a bit of class.


De Boeck, the publisher of this book, is a typically Belgian institution: a predominantly French company with a vaguely Dutch sounding name that publishes in both French and Flemish. The way things are going in Belgium these days, who knows how long it will continue to exist as we know it today.


~ by Thomas on 2007-Oct-11.

One Response to “Le bon usage”

  1. i like this. i like the way all the letters connect to each other.

    i like your blog. i have a blog like this one. you should check it out, and see if you like it.


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