Bloomsbury UK Patricia Highsmith

The first three cover designs for the new paperback editions of Patricia Highsmith from Bloomsbury UK, to be published from October 2008 onwards. The original twelve cover designs from this series can be found here.


They’re à la fois retro and modern, and I think they’re just brilliant. But then again, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have posted them here, would I?


~ by Thomas on 2008-Mar-24.

5 Responses to “Bloomsbury UK Patricia Highsmith”

  1. I love these too, not only because of the design but because it was these covers that made me read Highsmith and realise how brilliant she is. In fact I am terribly frustrated at present because the last novel of hers that Bloomsbury reissued was The Tremor of Forgery in July 2006. The three shown above were due to be published in October 2007 – a long enough wait as far as I was concerned! – but then were, as you have pointed out, put back to Oct 08 and Oct 09! Isn’t there any justice? Well, not in Highsmith’s world, I suppose…

  2. @John Self: These covers also turned me on to Highsmith for the first time. In my youthful ignorance, I used to think she was just another disposable thriller writer. But don’t get carried away with your cries of injustice over there. After all, we’re not even allowed to buy these editions in Canada, subservient as we are to the American rights holders once again… :-(

  3. Presumably though you could buy them from (and admittedly pay through the nose for shipping)? Their policy on delivery of books suggests you can have them delivered to Canada, either from amazon itself or from Marketplace sellers.

  4. @John Self: That is precisely what I do when there is a British book that I must have, and that I can’t get over here (like Robert Walser’s The Assistant in Penguin Classics for example). I do the same with French DVDs on (curiously enough, there’s no problem getting French books over here), and German books and DVDs on Slowly but surely, the European Amazon sites are ruining me. Help!!!

  5. I really enjoyed looking at your posts about Highsmith. I have written on my blog about Highsmith’s covers, and referenced this page here:

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