Penguin UK John Wyndham

Penguin UK paperback editions of John Wyndham, the only science fiction writer I have ever read.

Update 2009-01-09: Covers added for Chocky and The Kraken Wakes.

See also: The new fall 2008 John Wyndham cover designs from Penguin UK.

[Click on a cover for the full size image]



~ by Thomas on 2008-Mar-24.

6 Responses to “Penguin UK John Wyndham”

  1. If you’re willing to give science fiction another try, pick up some Stanislaw Lem. Solaris is a good place to start (the book is nothing like the Tarkovsky or Soderbergh film versions). The Cyberiad is great fun, too. Lem wrote in Polish but his style is literary and thoughtful and there are worthy translations available. Sadly, the cover art – at least for the American editions – is less than marvelous.

  2. Sadly some of these editions are quite tricky to find already: The Seeds of Time, Web etc. (though I’ve been informed that the loss of the latter should be of no great concern. It was unfinished I think)

    I do also like the Penguin Modern Classics of The Chrysalids (for my money his best novel by some way) and The Midwich Cuckoos.

    • Web wasn’t unfinished, it was just published posthumously. It’s a great novel.

      • Thanks for the clarification, Rik. Do we know why it wasn’t published during his lifetime?

      • I seem to remember it being because Wyndham himself didn’t think it was of high enough quality. I would, of course, disagree!

  3. I can’t say I am fond of the quirky figures in most of the illustrations, but I like the colours and the [i]Web[/i] cover quite a bit.

    In my opinion, if this [i]Triffids[/i] cover did not have the two figures in the corner it would be a very nice monochromatic print. Do you think the “cuteness” is at odds with the content and tone of the story? (not to mention the quote) Or is this incidental to your appreciation of bookcover design?

    I just discovered your fascinating blog today after an inspiring trip to a local indie bookstore. I am planning on moving to Montreal soon, so I may have to inquire about your opinion on the best shops! Cheers.

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