Penguin UK Sherlock Holmes

A couple of weeks ago, Penguin UK issued a new paperback edition of Sherlock Holmes in the Red Classics series, designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith. Surprisingly, most of them have already been released in Canada, and the entire series will be available over here as of 1st May 2008.

[Click on a cover for the full size image]


The designer had the following to say about the concept:

Many people will have a fixed set of ideas about Holmes and I wanted to confound these expectations and show that there’s more to the character. The vibrant, two-tone covers use typefaces that evoke the Victorian era and an early cinema poster aesthetic emphasises the adventure and excitement of the stories.

I gotta say, at $10.99 each (which is a good price when you consider that they sell for £6.99 in Britain), these look like a heck of a lot of fun!


~ by Thomas on 2008-Mar-24.

One Response to “Penguin UK Sherlock Holmes”

  1. Hi – I illustrated these covers, glad you like them! A couple of them have changed between these jpegs escaping into the wild and the books going to print – I’d be happy to email over the updated versions for you.

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