Anacharsis Icelandic Sagas

Anacharsis, a Toulouse-based publisher founded in 2002, specializes in well-designed editions of often overlooked classic texts from all over the world. A good example is this series of Icelandic sagas they began to put out in 2004.


I especially love their cover for The Saga of King Hrolf Kraki (bottom-left).

In a none-too-subtle attempt to take advantage of this post to promote my other activities, I would invite interested readers to visit my Icelandic Sagas Bibliography website. All translations of Icelandic sagas into English or French that are currently in print are listed here. Fun for the whole family!


~ by Thomas on 2008-Dec-14.

One Response to “Anacharsis Icelandic Sagas”

  1. thomas, these are incredible– thanks so much.

    there are ASNaC folk I can name who love this kind of thing—

    all best,

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