Pierre Dac – Éditions Omnibus

In May 1938, Pierre Dac founded L’Os à moelle, a weekly newspaper that billed itself as l’organe officiel des loufoques (the official organ of the loufoques). It was basically a fake newspaper full of zany, absurd humour, much of which is still quite funny today. Sadly, being a Jew, Dac had to flee France during the Nazi occupation, thus ending the run of the paper (it really was a one man show) in June 1940, after 109 issues.

In October 2007, Omnibus had the bright idea to publish a collection of the best bits, also entitled L’Os à moelle. It’s a beautiful 1,200 page affair (ultra-thin paper), featuring a playful cover designed by Atelier Didier Thimonier (it sells for $51.95 in Canada).


In October 2008, Omnibus issued a second volume entitled Drôle de guerre, comprised of selected texts from his work for Radio Londres while in exile in London during the war, as well as a from L’Os libre, the successor to L’Os à moelle that he published from the end of the war until 1947 ($52.95 in Canada).



~ by Thomas on 2009-Jan-19.

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