Beowulf vs Hrolf Kraki

Following on from a previous post about coincidental cover designs, here’s another one:


Both LGF for their French translation of Beowulf and Penguin for their English translation of The Saga of Hrolf Kraki have gone with the same image to illustrate their respective covers. The coincidence is perhaps more readily understandable in this case, however, as both tales are derived from the same Germanic legend.

Penguin describes the image as follows

Detail from a bronze plaque showing a hero struggling with two bears found at Torslunda, Öland in the Statens Historiska Museet, Stockholm.

and LGF simply states

Deux loups avalant le vieux ciel. Cachet de bronze, VIe siècle.


~ by Thomas on 2009-Aug-27.

One Response to “Beowulf vs Hrolf Kraki”

  1. The Penguin description says the animals are bears, and the LGF says they are wolves. Considering that wolves rarely stand on two feet, I am placing my bets on Penguin’s interpretation.

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