About Me

I was born in the year 1981 in Winnipeg, a once thriving prairie metropolis located a mere stone’s throw from the geographic centre of North America. Although my mother tongue is English, I was part of the great, ongoing Canadian experiment in linguistic pedagogy that consists of educating anglophone children in French schools. I went on to attend both the French and English campuses of the University of Manitoba, graduating in 2003 with an honours degree in Computer Science — with the distinction First Class Honours — and a minor in Political Science (I missed out on a second minor in German by one credit!).

Sadly, I began work as a bookseller halfway through my degree (in order to pay for the second half) and, by the time I graduated, realised that I actually liked books and didn’t want to do anything but continue to sell them. After having worked in various English and French indie bookshops in Winnipeg, in 2006 I moved to Montreal in search of rapid transit, cycle lanes and true bilingualism, and have since been employed with an intellectual indie store whose selection could best be described as all killer, no filler.

I blog at Market Snodsbury Grammar School, and can be reached at bookdesign at google's e-mail service dot com


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